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Community Service Biscuit Project

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Allow us to introduce our interactive project specially designed to create awareness around childhood cancer.

Rainbows and Smiles launched our first ever community service project in 2018 whereby learners can earn community hours, develop a skill, create awareness, and raise funds for children fighting cancer.

In the past our team have been inundated with requests from learners to earn community service hours by visiting oncology children in the respective wards. As you may already know; COVID-19 is a real threat, and we are not permitted to take large numbers of scholars into the paediatric oncology wards due to the infection protocols in place. Our team came up with a way for learners to earn community hours without exposing anyone to potential trauma or life-threatening infections.

What is in the box? Each box contains early warning sign flyers, step by step instructions, dry ingredients, a cookie cutter, stickers, and individual packaging for each biscuit. The project has four purposes: earning community hours, developing a skill, creating awareness, and raising funds – see instruction leaflet and images attached.

Each box will be issued FREE of charge and on good faith. Upon receipt of your box the student & parent/guardian/teacher will sign a form committing to the project. ONLY once the project has been completed and all steps were followed, will Rainbows and Smiles issue the learner(s) with a certificate of support and an official letter confirming their community service hours. Each box accounts for 4 hours of community service.

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