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🌟 Meet Shelby🌟

The trendy snail with a heart as big as her shell! Shelby is the newest member of team Rainbows and Smiles – an unsung hero always sliding along. Shelby might move at her own pace but when it comes to spreading kindness, our snail is lightning quick!

Shelby is the embodiment of patience and persistence. Our tattooed hero carries the weight of compassion on those tiny, resilient shoulders. With a perpetual smile and a glint in those wide eyes, Shelby is living proof that even the smallest efforts can make a huge impact.

The shell is not just a floral home; it’s a symbol of love and support. Shelby’s enthusiasm is infectious.

Each year we brace ourselves for the marathon month that is Jan-u-worry. This year we are reaching out with a special plea.  January can be an uphill journey, and we want to help our most vulnerable children and their families.

This year, instead of throwing a massive Christmas bash, we’re channelling our energy into a different kind of celebration—one that lasts beyond the holiday lights. We’re on a mission to make January 2024 a brighter and lighter month for our amazing families.

Here’s where you come in!

Your support has always been our driving force, and we’re asking for a little extra love this time. Whether it’s a donation, food voucher, a share, a craft set or just spreading the word, every bit counts.

Together let’s make sure our oncology families feel the warmth and care not just during the festivities, but all through January!

Thank you for being the heart of our community. 💙 Together, we can turn Jan-u-worry into Jan-u-caring!

#SupportBeyondTheSeason #BrighterJanuary2024

Rainbows and Smiles has partnered with BackaBuddy in support of Shelby’s Fundraiser.  Click on the link below donate on BackaBuddy.